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Annual Meeting Committees

Annual Meeting Program Committee

The Program Committee, consisting of a chair, vice chairs, and cochairs, is charged with planning and scheduling invited scientific sessions for the Annual Meeting. Additional subcommittee chairs and members are responsible for reviewing and scheduling all proffered abstracts submitted for presentation at the Annual Meeting.

Charles Swanton

Vice Chairs
Lewis C. Cantley
Heather R. Christofk
Melissa B. Davis
Keith T. Flaherty
Ricky W. Johnstone
Karen E. Knudsen
Quynh-Thu Le
Jean-Charles Soria
Louis M. Staudt
David A. Tuveson

Peter C. Adamson
Carole L. Baas
Dafna Bar-Sagi
David L. Bartlett
Julie R. Brahmer
Riccardo Dalla-Favera
Javier Cortés
Luis A. Diaz
John F. DiPersio
Steven M. Dubinett
Tariq Enver
Douglas T. Fearon
Irene M. Ghobrial
Anna R. Giuliano
W. Nicholas Haining
James R. Heath
Manuel Hidalgo
Melissa M. Hudson
Stephen D. Hursting
Christine A. Iacobuzio-Donahue
Roger S. Lo
Elli Papaemmanuil
David Pellman
Erik Sahai
Stephen P. Schoenberger
Shelley S. Tworoger
Roel Verhaak
Jane E. Visvader

Annual Meeting Clinical Trials Committee

The Clinical Trials Committee serves to identify, assess, recruit, and schedule clinical trials for presentation during the AACR Annual Meeting.

Julie R. Brahmer
Manuel Hidalgo

Stephen B. Baylin
Joseph N. Contessa
Johann S. de Bono
Stephan A. Grupp
Susan Halabi
Matthew D. Hellmann
Corey J. Langer
Malcolm J. Moore
Kunle Odunsi
Pamela S. Ohashi
Suresh S. Ramalingam
Russell J. Schilder
Yu Shyr
Mark A. Socinski
Roger Stupp
Weijing Sun
Charles Swanton
Dan Theodorescu
Brian Andrew Van Tine
Ignacio I. Wistuba
Stephen Yip
Additional Appointments Pending

Annual Meeting Education Committee

The Annual Meeting Education Committee plans and organizes the comprehensive educational program that takes place at the Annual Meeting.

Roger S. Lo

Appointments Pending