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The evolution of FDA regulatory science and its impact on cancer

Tuesday, June 27, 2023


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This is an important time for regulatory science in cancer research. The increasing number and diversity of medical interventions, data opportunities, and novel clinical trial designs are challenging traditional regulatory processes and spurring the need for significant innovation in regulatory practice. Patient expectations for earlier access to innovations and for involvement in regulatory decision-making add to the opportunities for new methodologies and data sources. This AACR Patient Advocate Forum will explore how regulatory science is evolving to meet the growing complexity of cancer research and optimize regulation to support the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancers.


Anna D. Barker, PhD, FAACR, Ellison Institute for Transformative Medicine


Allison Rosen, MS, Project ECHO, American Cancer Society

Richard Pazdur, MD, FDA Oncology Center of Excellence

David R. Parkinson, MD, ESSA Pharma, Inc.

Kenneth C. Anderson, MD, FAACR, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

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