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The mission of the AACR Molecular Epidemiology Working Group (MEG) is to foster and strengthen team-based, transdisciplinary research to develop a more integrated understanding of cancer etiology and outcomes in human populations. 

Why Join MEG

  • To facilitate the multidisciplinary approach to the study of cancer and chronic disease etiology;
  • To promote the incorporation of molecular and biochemical concepts and techniques into well-designed epidemiologic studies;
  • To provide an ongoing forum for the scholarly discussion and development of sound approaches to the conduct and interpretation of molecular epidemiologic studies;
  • To foster partnerships/collaborations with scientists in other disciplines;
  • To sponsor scientific and educational programs that will advance the field, including the MEG; and
  • To join a community of scientists studying the molecular epidemiology of cancer.

How to Join MEG

  • AACR members in good standing have the opportunity to join and participate in AACR Working Groups and Association Groups.
  • Not an AACR member? Join our esteemed association and become a member today.
  • Need to renew? Access myAACR to manage membership, pay dues, and update your profile.
  • Email a member of the AACR Scientific Working Group Staff with any questions.

Michael J. Powell, PhD​
Deputy Director, ​Scientific Programs​
Executive Office
(215) 440-9373
[email protected]

Raquel Castellanos, PhD​
Scientific Program Administrator, ​Scientific Programs​
Executive Office
(215) 446-7236
[email protected]

Aurora Gallagher​
Program Coordinator, ​Scientific Programs​
Executive Office
(267) 765-1038
[email protected]

Additional MEG member benefits

  • Five percent discount on publication fees only (not AuthorChoice) for articles accepted in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention (CEBP). This is in addition to the 5 percent discount given to all AACR members-just use the code “MEGAO2020” when receiving notification from the CEBP staff about author billing;
  • Fifteen percent discount for employment advertisements posted on the AACR-administered website; use the code MEGAD;
  • Support the next generation of molecular epidemiologists (see MEG Scholar-in-Training Award (SITA). Although the MEG membership dues have been eliminated that funded this Award for early-career scientists to attend and present their work at the AACR Annual Meeting, donations to the MEG SITA fund are greatly appreciated and can be submitted when renewing your AACR membership or by contacting the AACR Membership Staff for assistance at [email protected];

Members from non-Epidemiology Research

It is understood that the evolving discipline of cancer molecular epidemiology would benefit considerably from the participation and involvement of scientists who conduct research on other chronic diseases. Scientists who are involved in molecular epidemiology, but do not meet the criteria for Active or Associate membership, are encouraged to join the AACR as an Affiliate Member.

Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention (CEBP)

Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention is the official journal of MEG. CEBP contains original peer-reviewed, population-based research on cancer etiology, prevention, surveillance, and survivorship. All MEG members who publish in CEBP receive a special discount of 5 percent on the publication charges in addition to the AACR member discount of 5 percent. Thus, the total discount on the charges is 10 percent for MEG members only. Just use the code “MEGAO2019” when receiving notification from the CEBP staff about author billing. To view recent issues and learn how you can submit manuscripts for consideration, visit the CEBP website, and, specifically, under Instructions for Authors.