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AACR Virtual Special Conference: Tumor Heterogeneity: From Single Cells to Clinical Impact

September 17-18, 2020
AACR Virtual Special Conference

Conference Cochairs

Nicholas E. Navin, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas
Kornelia Polyak, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, Massachusetts
Alex K. Shalek, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Charles Swanton, The Francis Crick Institute and UCL Cancer Institute, London, United Kingdom

Tumors are composed of heterogeneous populations of cells that possess distinct genetic, morphological, and phenotypic profiles, which in turn can impact tumor development, treatment response, and therapeutic resistance. Additionally, even tumors with similar profiles may react differently depending on their microenvironment. This conference will bring together the top basic, translational, and clinical researchers in the field of tumor heterogeneity. Presentations will feature the most recent research on basic biological mechanisms, new technological and computational developments, approaches to targeting and monitoring heterogeneity, and the implications of these findings for the clinical setting.