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Meeting Resources

AACR Annual Meeting attendees can use the following electronic and print resources to plan their itineraries and navigate the meeting:

  • Online Itinerary Planner (available January 17, 2024). Search all AACR Annual Meeting presentations (including all proffered abstracts beginning March 5, 2024) by author/speaker, title word, and keyword and create a personal itinerary for the meeting. Personal itineraries created in the Itinerary Planner can be exported as an iCalendar file into attendees’ personal Outlook, Google Calendar, or Apple iCal applications. Itineraries can also be imported into the AACR Annual Meeting App (see below).
  • AACR Annual Meeting App (tentatively available March 15, 2024). Attendees can carry the AACR Annual Meeting wherever they go—with or without a network connection. The AACR Annual Meeting App is available in native versions to serve users of iPhone, iPad, and Android devices and also in a browser-based version for use on most web-enabled smartphones and tablets.

    Once downloaded, all App content and functionality is stored locally on the user’s Apple or Android device and can be accessed without an Internet connection—including the full text of more than 6,000 abstracts. Users can search, browse, and select sessions to create a personal itinerary for the meeting. They can also import their itineraries from the Online Itinerary Planner (see above).
  • PDF Program Guide. A PDF version of the Program Guide containing the dates, times, locations, and titles of all AACR Annual Meeting sessions will be made available on the AACR website prior to the meeting. The Program Guide also contains the names of the chairs and invited speakers in each session as well as the titles of all invited presentations. More detailed program information (including the Minisymposium and Poster Session presentations) is available in the electronic versions of the program (see above).

Please Note: As of 2024, there will no longer be a print Program Guide. Program information will be available in the online planner, the meeting app, and in PDF format.

AACR Annual Meeting Abstracts

The following electronic and print resources are available to attendees who wish to access the proffered abstracts accepted for presentation at the AACR Annual Meeting:

  • Online Proceedings/Itinerary Planner (abstracts available March 5, 2024). The Online Proceedings/Itinerary Planner provides fully searchable access to the full text of all proffered abstracts (see above).
  • AACR Annual Meeting App (tentatively available March 15, 2024). The full text of all proffered abstracts is stored natively in the AACR Annual Meeting App (see above).
  • PDF Proceedings (available April 1, 2024). The PDF edition of the Proceedings of the AACR Annual Meeting contains the full text of all regular proffered abstracts (clinical trials and late-breaking abstracts are not included) and can be downloaded to devices such as the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Sony Reader, and the Barnes & Noble Nook.
  • Online Supplement to Cancer Research (available March 22, 2024). All presented abstracts will be published
    as an online-only supplement to the AACR journal Cancer Research. Regular abstracts will be published on March 22, 2024, and clinical trial and late-breaking abstracts will be published on April 5, 2024.

Please Note: Due to declining demand, the print Proceedings is no longer offered for purchase to AACR Annual Meeting attendees.