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Melvin Greenblatt

In Memoriam: Melvin Greenblatt

(09/25/1929 - 09/22/2021)Member since 1969
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Melvin Greenblatt, MD, a longtime member of the AACR, died September 22, 2021, at the age of 91.

Greenblatt was born September 25, 1929, in New York City. He served in the U.S. Army and graduated from New York University in 1951 and Chicago Medical School in 1955. In 1969, he became a professor of pathology at The University of Nebraska’s Eppley Institute for Research in Cancer. At the time of his death, he was an emeritus professor of pathology at Keck Medical School at the University of Southern California.

Greenblatt’s research included the study of tumor angiogenesis, including findings that led to the development of Avastin, a widely used antiangiogenic therapy. Greenblatt also conducted research on nitrites in food. He authored papers that were published in journals including The American Journal of Clinical Pathology, the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Microvascular Research, and Nature. Greenblatt became a member of the AACR in 1969. He was also a member of the Pathological Society of Great Britain and Ireland, and he chaired a committee on Environmental Cancer for the College of American Pathologists.

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