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AACR-American Cancer Society Award for Research Excellence in Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention: Past Recipients

This award recognizes outstanding research accomplishments in cancer epidemiology, biomarkers, and prevention.

Past recipients include:

2023: Patricia A. Ganz*
2022: Susan E. Hankinson
2021: Stephen J. Chanock*
2020: Christopher I. Amos
2019: Edward L. Giovannucci
2018: Leslie Bernstein
2017: Meir J. Stampfer
2016: Richard S. Peto
2015: Mitchell H. Gail
2014: Curtis C. Harris
2013: Laurence N. Kolonel
2012: Graham A. Colditz
2011: John T. Schiller
2010: Michael J. Thun
2009: John D. Potter
2008: Robert N. Hoover
2007: Thomas W. Kensler
2006: Nicholas Edward Day
2005: Ross L. Prentice
2004: Malcolm C. Pike
2003: Martin J. Blaser
2002: Margaret R. Spitz
2001: I. Bernard Weinstein
2000: Walter C. Willett
1999: Alice S. Whittemore
1998: Ernst L. Wynder
1997: Henry T. Lynch*
1996: Lee W. Wattenberg*
1995 – Frederick P. Li*
1994: Brian E. Henderson
1993: Joseph F. Fraumeni Jr.
1992: Pelayo Correa

*Fellow of the AACR Academy