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Pezcoller Foundation-AACR International Award for Extraordinary Achievement in Cancer Research: Past Recipients

This award is presented to a scientist of international renown who has made a major scientific discovery in basic or translational cancer research.

Past recipients include:

2023: Tak W. Mak
2022: Steven A. Rosenberg*
2021: Hans Clevers*
2020: John E. Dick*
2019: Alberto Mantovani
2018: Tony Hunter*
2017: David M. Livingston*
2016: Joan Massagué*
2015: James P. Allison*
2014: Elaine Fuchs*
2013: Peter K. Vogt*
2012: Robert A. Weinberg*
2011: Pier Paolo Pandolfi
2010: Joseph Schlessinger*
2009: Napoleone Ferrara*
2008: Axel Ullrich*
2007: Mina J. Bissell*
2006: Tadatsugu Taniguchi
2005: Lewis C. Cantley*
2004: Stanley J. Korsmeyer
2003: Mario Capecchi*
2002: Carl-Henrik Heldin
2001: Elizabeth H. Blackburn*
2000: Charles J. Sherr*
1999: Carlo M. Croce*
1998: Anthony J. Pawson

*Fellow of the AACR Academy