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AACR-Irving Weinstein Foundation Distinguished Lecture: Past Recipients

This award recognizes outstanding science that has the potential to inspire creative thinking and new directions in cancer research. This lectureship is selected by the AACR president, and is not open to nomination.

Past recipients include:

2024: Rafi Ahmed
2023: Andrea Schietinger
2022: Craig M. Crews
2021: Aviv Regev
2020: Barbara J. Wold
2019: Jeffery A. Bluestone
2018: Jennifer A. Doudna
2017: Leonard I. Zon
2016: Robert S. Langer
2015: David Baltimore
2014: David Botstein
2013: Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard
2012: Bert Vogelstein
2011: Helen M. Blau
2010: Robert Tjian
2009: James R. Heath
2008: Sydney Brenner
2007: Alexander Varshavsky
2006: Phillip A. Sharp
2005: Leroy E. Hood

Prior to 2005, this award was known as the AACR Distinguished Lecture.

2004: Leland H. Hartwell
2003: James E. Darnell Jr.