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AACR Award for Outstanding Achievement in Chemistry in Cancer Research: Past Recipients

This award is presented for outstanding, novel, and significant chemistry research, which has led to important contributions to the fields of basic cancer research, translational cancer research, cancer diagnosis, the prevention of cancer, or the treatment of patients with cancer.

Past recipients include:

2024: Nathanael S. Gray*
2023: Carolyn R. Bertozzi*
2022: Kevan M. Shokat*
2021: Cynthia Wolberger
2020: Benjamin F. Cravatt
2019: Michael E. Jung
2018: John A. Katzenellenbogen
2017: Craig M. Crews
2016: James Bradner
2015: Philip S. Low
2014: Dale L. Boger
2013: Alexander Levitzki
2012: Stephen W. Fesik
2011: Gregory L. Verdine
2010: Stuart L. Schreiber
2009: F. Peter Guengerich
2008: Steven R. Tannenbaum
2007: Samuel J. Danishefsky

Fellow of the AACR Academy*